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Pastor Thomas Reveals the Wisdom of God for Every Day Life

" that can be explained in a way to understand the how and why."

Page 1: Life, Death, & Eternity

From my understanding of the Bible, life and death mean much more than     the common view. While in every day terms life and death mean the

beginning and end, perhaps even the middle, they're also parts, or rather,        events that occur within eternity.


Eternity was explained to me in a church meeting once as "vanishing point      to vanishing point." It sounded sophisticated but was far above my brain          power and completely disconnected from my everyday life.

As the vanishing point notion was being explained (sort of), I nodded with        everyone else because I didn't want to seem completely confused, even          though I was completely confused. What the heck does that even mean?! I      thought to myself, but to avoid embarrassment, I just joined the mass nods      of approval. 

I don't mean to mock my brother in Christ speaking at the time, I'm simply      making a note of my personal experience and how completely lost I was from    an explanation I just didn't get, which is the point I want to make. 

I think too often we hear stuff that doesn't make sense so we're told to "take    it by faith" or accept it even though we may not understand it. For me, this is    what I refer to as religious faith as opposed to effective bible faith, the kind      God uses, though He's a lot better at it than we are. 

Taking things "by faith"- as through a religious habit - may leave us feeling      less comforted, ore confused, dissatisfied and with almost no                            understanding. We might feel somewhat ripped off as if we've lost                    something or someone or even still feel like victims when we've suffered            hardship; that sense of unfairness. 

My mind requires a level of simplicity and a mechanical basis to understand      and therefore implement. This is why I need the bible kind of faith; faith that    can be explained in a way to understand the how and why.

"...religious faith as opposed to effective..."

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